Run in With the Crop Duster

Last week late in the afternoon I was on the phone with our website provider in my home office when I heard the loudest noise. I asked him, “did you hear that”? He said, “yeah, that was really loud, what was it”? I responded that is sounded like an airplane going down my road. I get off the phone and I heard it again. I went into the kitchen to look out the window to see what was driving by when instead I see an airplane coming right at my house. Had I not been screaming and focusing on the nose of the plane I probably could have seen the color of the pilots eyes! Just as he began to fly over my grass that is only a 40 feet strip between the field and my house he quickly pulled the plane straight up in the air.

After my blood pressure came back down, I went to front porch to see that he was coming back for another pass and the plane was a crop duster spraying my neighbors field. After sharing my experience quickly with my Facebook friends, I grabbed the video camera just as he was starting to spray another section of the field. As you can see this time he took a pass right next to my house….

Mind you I have only seen a crop duster once in my life somewhere in southern Ohio and never in the area where I live or I wouldn’t have been so caught off guard.

I went over and told my parents later that night about my experience. My mom wasn’t surprised at all. She said it was the talk of town and facebook too. The local CPS hired this pilot to come in and spray fungicide for a group of farmers and he had been spraying all over the area, even the fields next to town. Apparently the residents in town had the same experience I did when the field next to them was sprayed….

I think that if your supposed to call your neighbors to let them know your going to spread manure you should certainly call before you use a crop duster to spray your fields!

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