Soybean Checkoff steps up soy biodiesel promotion with new professional tractor pulling class

In an effort to continue to improve the availability and use of soy biodiesel, the United Soybean Board (USB) and soybean checkoff will sponsor a professional tractor pulling division in the National Tractor Pullers Association’s (NTPA’s) 2010 season. The new Light Pro Stock Class will be made up of tractors powered by biodiesel.

USB and the soybean checkoff will use the 2010 NTPA season as a way of showcasing the diesel engine performance benefits of soy biodiesel — a homegrown, environmentally friendly and renewable biofuel — to thousands of diesel users. Soybean oil serves as the dominant feedstock used to produce biodiesel in the United States. The soybean checkoff has partnered with NTPA since 2007 to encourage biodiesel use among tractor pulling fans, many of whom work in the agricultural and trucking sectors.

Soy biodiesel is comparable to petroleum diesel in conventional diesel engines but provides higher cetane levels, better lubricity and BTU content. Soybean checkoff farmer-leaders will be on hand educating pull attendees on the benefits of soy biodiesel.

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