Bacon explosion

This eye-catching bacon dish features bacon, bacon and a little more bacon, along with BBQ seasoning and some sausage.

My brother suggested that we look into trying this recipe for our next family gathering as all Reese boys have an inherent affinity for bacon. I think this would be a hit, as would just about anything that includes a “bacon weave” topped with sausage and (of course) some more bacon.

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  1. Bacon is all the rage these days. I had a bacon wrapped hot dog at Dirty Franks (I think it was featured on a tv show for this recently) and there is Baconcamp at the North Market next month. Yum!

  2. I recommend bacon wrapped bacon.

  3. I added a couple of pics to the facebook page of the one I made. It was really yummy…and great on biscuits like they suggest, the next day for breakfast!

  4. OK, Matt, when is Kristin going to whip this up and bring it to the office for us all to enjoy? YUUUUUUMMMMY!

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