Mercy for Animals press conference deemed a waste of time

Media says Mercy for Animals press conference and video release a waste of time
Actually, the Ohio facility in the video looks pretty clean and there is nothing out of the ordinary to suggest wrong-doing. The only negative footage is spliced in from Conklin, New York and some other random places to make things look bad. At least they didn’t blatantly lie and suggest all the footage came from Buckeye Veal. They at least identified the spliced footage in the video. Definitely reaching here, especially with Bob Barker narrating.

I went to the press conference, although arrived toward the end, and the encouraging sign is that most of the regular media there seemed rather frustrated that they’d been duped into coming. In fact, Marshall McPeek of Channel 4 even said to me it was just bogus, the bad footage wasn’t even from the farm and they just wanted us all to be vegans and weren’t going to stop until we were. He seemed totally disgusted to have to even be there, and the line of questioning left the MFA spokeswoman often answering, “I don’t know” or “I don’t have the answer for that.”

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