American Goat Federation completes incorporation

The American Goat Federation (AGF), the first-ever national organization devoted to the entire goat industry, proudly announces its incorporation. The purpose of the AGF will be to build and define the U.S. goat industry on a unified front to work on issues facing the whole industry.

“The AGF will strive to promote and facilitate the development of all segments of the goat industry including dairy, meat and fiber by encouraging sound public policy, enhancing production and marketing of goat products and promoting research beneficial to member organizations and all producers,” explains Tom Boyer, AGF president and Utah sheep and goat producer.

Boyer is joined on the board by Robin Saum (Ohio), vice president; An Peischel (Tenn.), secretary/treasurer; and board members Steve Burton (Utah), Linda Campbell (Va.), Brian Faris, Ph.D. (Kan.), Will Getz, Ph.D. (Ga.), Shawn Harper (Ky.), Katherine Harrison (Ohio), Pierce Miller (Texas) and Sandra Miller (Pa.).

Currently, the organization is completing membership development guidelines and seeks to actively represent the interests of more than 100 organizations and thousands of producers engaged in the sustainable production and marketing of goat milk, meat, fiber and grazing services across the United States. Founding memberships are available through Dec. 31, 2010, and are open to individuals and organizations. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has declared goat production one of the fastest growing segments of the livestock industry.

Following the completion of the membership development plan and founding member campaign, the AGF will focus on the creation of a database summarizing the production capabilities of the industry and a measurement of current interest in goat products among potential consumer groups. The database and informational library will then be used to create and measure the effectiveness of on-going marketing efforts. Based on the collection and analysis of this crucial information, the AGF will provide materials and consultation services to member organizations to help raise awareness and demand for goat-related products.

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