ASA member Kip Cullers breaks world soybean yield record

American Soybean Association (ASA) member Kip Cullers of Purdy, Mo., has once again broken the world record in soybean production with a yield of 160.6 bushels per acre, 6 bushels higher than the world record Cullers set in 2007, and 21 bushels higher than his world record in 2006. A typical Missouri soybean acre yields about 40 bushels. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon visited Cullers’ soybean fields to recognize the grower’s 2010 record yield.

Cullers’ attention to detail and proactive management style have continued to help him achieve higher yields and set a new record. He scouts his fields closely and on a daily basis to check for production challenges, such as disease and insects. He says selecting the right seed and a good crop protection program are critical elements to growing higher-yielding crops. The record-setting yield was planted April 14 and harvested Sept. 28, 2010.

“I’ve learned over the course of more than two decades of farming, that setting the stage for higher yield potential all starts with good genetics,” said Cullers. “From there, it’s hitting the right planting date, crop management throughout the growing season and a willingness to try new things.”

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  1. Kip Cullers will be speaking at our Conservation Tillage & Technology Conf. Feb. 25, at Ada, Ohio.

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