Ohio BioPreferred Rules progressing

After nearly 15 months of hard work on the legislation, the implementing rules for S. B. 131 (Gillmor) cleared their final hurdle today and will, along with the entire bioproducts purchasing program, become law in 30 days. The Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) unanimously okayed the BioPreferred rules. Proferred by the Department of Administrative Services, the rules determine how the Ohio program will operate.

Essentially, Ohio’s program is identical to the federal BioPreferred purchasing program, with few differences:

* All state agencies, plus colleges and universities MUST purchase bioproducts in lieu of traditional products when the items are available, of similar quality and within 5% of the purchase price of the traditional item.
* Ohio has a voluntary purchasing program for 1,900 units of local government including cities, townships, counties, schools, fire departments, libraries, etc. This is a major plus for Ohio.
* Ohio will maintain the approved list of biopreferred products agencies may purchase. But that list will be tied directly to the federal list.
* Vendors who do not have a product on the federal list may offer lab results showing biopreferred content until their label is approved.

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