SUNCO NutriMate 3

Sunco has been building planter attachments for over 25 years. The goal at Sunco is and always has been

producing equipment to make farming more efficient, cost effective and profitable.

Over the years we have seen many changes and improvements to farming practices and farm implements.

Sunco planter attachments have been part of these improvements. This is evident with the introduction of the

Nutri Mate 3.

Like the NutriMate II, the NutriMate 3 unit is designed to be mounted to the row unit of the planter. The

parallel links of the planter let the NutriMate 3 float and the row unit gauge wheels provide depth control so

nutrients are precisely placed in relation to the seed.

The unique frame design allows the discs to be pulled through the field instead of being pushed, and the discs

are allowed to pivot slightly to the left or right to keep the fertilizer opener discs trailing properly on curves and

contours. This feature improves planter tracking, reduces bearing and disc fatigue, plus eliminates stress on the

planter parallel linkage.

With the introduction of the new NutriMate 3, producers can take advantage of these improvements; a

diaphragm check valve, stronger and redesigned pivot point, easier adjustments and enhanced fertilizer

placement, and the ability to place fertilizer on both sides of the seed. Distance choices are 2”, 2 7/8”, 3 3/4”

from the seed and depth ½” above, ½” below, and 1 ½” below the seed.

The Sunco NutriMate 3 can be mounted on John Deere, Case IH, White, Kinze, Great Plains, and some

Monosem planters, and works in conventional, minimum till, strip till and no-till farming.

For more information on this quality Sunco product, contact your local Sunco Dealer or telephone Sunco at

800-676-2146 and check our web site at

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