TSC program supports 4-H

From now through November 21, 2010, Tractor Supply Company stores will support local 4-H youth and their families, volunteers, staff, and alumni with the exclusive TSC Clover Card, a loyalty card that gives periodic discounts to folks affiliated with 4-H and offers clubs the opportunity to win a monthly $500 TSC gift card. In addition, from November 5-14th, all TSC stores will be running a Paper Clover fundraiser in their stores to raise funds for their local 4-H programs. Can you help support 6 million 4-H youth by spreading the word about this exciting campaign?

In addition to the benefits for 4-H families to sign up for the excusive TSC Clover Card, all funds raised through this local TSC Paper Clover Promotion will be donated to 4-H, and will support local camps, after-school programs and other 4-H youth development program activities.

What is the TSC Clover Card?
As part of National 4-H Council’s partnership withTractor Supply Company (TSC), TSC has created a pilot loyalty card program for 4-Hers, their families, and staff involved in 4-H—it is called the TSC Clover Card! By signing up for an exclusive TSC Clover Card, you will receive periodic printable coupons and deals via email that can be used at your local TSC store. When you sign up, your card will come in the mail, along with a 10% coupon just for signing up!
In addition, each time you make a purchase at Tractor Supply Company, scan your card and your club will be entered into a random drawing to win a $500 TSC gift card! The TSC Clover Card is not a discount card. Sign up deadline for the card is November 21, 2010.

Who is eligible for the TSC Clover Card?
4-H members, 4-H parents or guardians, volunteers, club leaders, and 4-H staff are eligible for the card. However, there can only be one card per household. Important: TSC team members, store managers, vendors, and respective immediate family members are not eligible to sign up for a card. See the “Complete Rules” online at
www.tractorsupply.com/4-H for details.

How do I get a TSC Clover Card?
The only way to sign up for the TSC Clover Card is via Tractor Supply Company’s 4-H mini-website, found at www.tractorsupply.com/4-H. Only a parent/guardian can sign up for the card if the 4-H member is under 18 years of age.

What are the benefits of signing up for the card?
By signing up, you will receive a 10% off coupon that comes along with the card. TSC will send you specials and promotions via email that are available only for cardholders. The TSC Clover Card will offer special deals to those in the 4-H community — youth, parents, guardians, volunteers, club leaders, staff — and provides chances for 4-Hers to win a TSC gift card for their club. By using their TSC Clover Card with every purchase, 4-Hers are entering their club into a monthly drawing for a $500 TSC gift card. There will be five (5) $500 gift cards awarded to clubs every month until June

How long do I have to sign up for the card and once I sign up, when will I receive it?
Enrollment for the pilot program runs through November 21, 2010. Cards will receive 2-4 weeks after the online card form has been completed.

How long is the card valid?
This pilot card program will expire on June 30, 2011.

Does every 4-Her in my family need to sign up for a card?
No, one registration per household is all that is needed. When you register for the TSC Clover Card you will receive 2 cards for your family to use. Anyone who is active in 4-H is eligible for this card.

Can I use my card for on-line purchases with TSC?
No, currently the cards are only for in-store purchases. TSC Clover Card & Paper Clover

What is the TSC Paper Clover promotion?
4-H Paper Clovers are paper representations of the 4-H clover that are sold for $1 or more by Tractor Supply Company store clerks and prominently displayed in-store. 100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser go to support 4-H local, state, and national 4-H programs.

When is the next 4-H TSC Paper Clover Promotion?
The promotion begins on Friday, November 5th and runs through Sunday, November 14th, 2010. This year, Del’s stores with locations in HI, WA, OR, and ID will be included in the Paper Clover Promotions! For more information including a local promotional toolkit to help spread the word, and raise more funds for 4-H visit http://www.4-h.org/resource-library/promotional-toolkits/detail/default.aspx?id=2011.
Questions? Contact jconn@fourhcouncil.edu to find out more about the exciting partnership with Tractor Supply company.

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