Midwest elevators offering growers premiums for low linolenic soybeans

Through a program with Bunge Oils, a select group of elevators in the Midwest is offering growers expanded options to earn a 55-cent-per-bushel premium for harvest delivery and a 60-cent-per-bushel premium for buyers call for Pioneer brand low linolenic soybeans. These elevators include key locations in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. A complete list of participating elevators is available by visiting www.pioneer.com/LLSoy, then selecting the “2011 Low Linolenic Soybean Program with Bunge” button on the left side of the page. 

“With food companies looking for 0g trans fat alternatives that preserve flavor and shelf life, the market for low linolenic soybeans continues providing contracting opportunities for growers,” says John Muenzenberger, Pioneer senior business manager for soybean output traits. “At the same time, Pioneer has provided a strong low linolenic soybean lineup to help growers meet that demand.” 

Following is an overview of Pioneer low linolenic soybean varieties available to growers for the 2011 season:

92Y50 (RR) – Mid-Group II variety, SCN resistance, excellent harvest standability

92Y71 (RR) – Ultra-low linolenic variety, SCN resistance, strong emergence, harvest standability

93Y03 (RR) – Early Group II variety, SCN and Phytophthora resistance, SDS tolerance

93Y50 (RR) – Ultra-low linolenic variety, strong emergence and harvest standability, Phytophthora root rot resistance, avoid planting where iron chlorosis is common

93Y71 (RR) – Contains 1k Phytophthora resistance gene, race 3 SCN resistance, good SDS tolerance

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