Ohio farm projects receive waste to value awards

Ohio Department of Development Director Lisa Patt-McDaniel has announced that 11 Ohio projects will receive $10 million in grant awards funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s State Energy Program

The funds will be used to convert feedstocks, such as municipal solid wastes, food and farm wastes, or other biomass or waste materials, to electricity, heat, fuel and/or other bio-products.

“These funds give businesses the ability to literally convert waste into economic value,” Patt-McDaniel said. “This program does more than offer businesses an opportunity to grow and prosper: it accelerates Ohio’s position as an advanced energy leader by enhancing energy efficiency.”

Proposals for the Transforming Waste to Value program were accepted beginning June 25, 2010. Projects submitted were selected through a competitive review process based on several criteria, including: a match investment of a minimum of 25% of total costs, project completion within 12 months, and direct economic impact to Ohio by creating and retaining jobs.

Each business benefited will acquire and operate an anaerobic digester that allows microorganisms to breakdown biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. This process is essential in managing waste and/or the release of energy for industrial and domestic purposes.

Two of the recipients are specifically

related to agriculture:

• Comp Dairy Energy (Dorset Township, Ashtabula County) will receive $1 million to own and operate an anaerobic digester in Dorset Township. The dairy will supply 66 wet tons of manure per day, and a waste hauler will supply 66 wet tons of regional fats, oil and grease per day to generate more than 4.7 million kWh of electricity and 22,910 MMBtu of thermal heat annually.

• Hord Livestock, Inc. (City of Bucyrus, Crawford County) will receive $500,000 to install an on-farm anaerobic digester and cogeneration system to convert approximately 7.7 million gallons of beef and swine manure and 230,000 gallons of food waste to 2.9 million kWh of renewable electricity and 21,000 MMBtu of thermal energy annually.

For more information about the State Energy Program and project details, visit www.development.ohio.gov/recovery/StateEnergyProgram/Awards.htm.

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