We're staying busy at the Christmas tree farm

My three-year-old daughter cut her first Christmas tree at our family farm. She has a good arm and a future working in the fields. I am "helping" in the background behind the branches.

We are having a BIG year at the family Christmas tree farm in Hancock County. Despite the cold and windy weather this year, we have been very busy cutting down Christmas trees. In the recent blizzard conditions we were still fairly busy. My daughter got to cut down her first tree this season. My 1-year-old son is still a bit young, but he is growing fast and has a bright future on the farm as well. My wife has also sold around 1,000 homemade Christmas cookies and 500 delicious cinnamon rolls (I have to conduct regular taste tests for quality control). We have been hearing similar reports of successful sales seasons from many other Christmas tree farms around the state as well.

For more about the farm, visit www.Kaleidoscopefarms.com.

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