Advanced Biological Marketing Announces iGET™ Technology

Advanced Biological Marketing (ABM) announces the next generation in seed treatments: iGET™ (Induced Gene Expression Triggers). The technology, now formulated into several new products for ABM, alters plant gene expression to change plant physiology and enhance biochemical pathways that will increase crop performance.

The technology, based on three decades of research at Cornell University and other international biological research programs, provides multifunctional and crop specific blends of beneficial strains of Trichoderma microbials.

“These changes are systemic,” Marty Robinson, Ag Division President, says, “so that root colonization by the seed treatment can affect the physiology of the whole plant, even the foliar or leaf biology. It will enhance the uptake of water, nutrients, especially nitrogen, and subsequent nutrient metabolism.”

ABM offers iGET products for corn, soybeans and wheat that can create bigger root systems and plant growth and increase yields. SabrEx™ Root Inoculant for Corn ( has the benefits of iGET Technology, with a typical yield response of 10 bushels per acre. Excalibre-SA™ for soybeans ( delivers the growth stimulant benefits of iGET Technology, with a yield benefit of up to eight bushels per acre. And SabrEx for Wheat ( also delivers impressive and profitable crop responses, with a typical yield response of four to five bushels per acre.

“This technology is the result of screening more than one-thousand organisms from worldwide microbial libraries and selection/discovery programs,” Robinson adds. “That was followed by hundreds of independent field trials around the world, testing multiple strains and niched with different agricultural crops for the optimal response.”

iGET Technology for corn, soybeans and wheat is available right now through agricultural chemical dealers, seed dealers or wheat seed companies. For more information on iGET and its availability, producers can contact their local seed or chemical company, call ABM at 877-617-2461 or visit

Advanced Biological Marketing (ABM) provides solutions for commercial agriculture, businesses and consumers by identifying, developing, manufacturing and marketing biological products globally for crop production, institutional sanitation and environmental waste management.

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