Beck’s Hybrids to host 52 winter grower meetings

Beck’s Hybrids will host 52 grower meetings across Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan throughout January and February. The meetings will summarize key topics and findings from Beck’s 2010 Practical Farm Research, as well as discuss long-term management procedures.

PFR is focused with the farmer in mind and provides a comprehensive look at how different practices and new technologies perform in field environments. In 2010, Beck’s conducted more than 65 different studies across multiple locations.

“This year we’re bringing growers a very unique, visual presentation that focuses on the question…”If corn could talk, what would it say?,” said Scott Beck, Vice President at Beck’s Hybrids. “We’ll take growers through the corn plants growth stages and highlight practices that will ultimately increase their yield and bottom-line.”

Key topics to be addressed include timing of nitrogen, the importance of early season protection, the effects of fungicides, and post harvest residue management. For a complete list of meeting dates, times and to register, visit or call 800.937.2325. To ensure your reservation, please RSVP no later than three business days prior to the meeting of your choice.

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