Oilseed radish the lamb

I’ve got another interesting addition to my post from a couple of weeks ago (see Conservation Stinks from Jan. 11) about the stinky oilseed radishes in my neighborhood. If you read that post, you’d know that the unbelievable smell of rotting oilseed radishes has been a regular topic of conversation in my family because we drive through the cloud of stink almost every day. My three-year-old daughter now says, “Whooo-weee. There are the oilseed radishes” whenever we drive by that farm.

The other night, I was home while my wife and daughter were out. We were expecting a ewe to lamb in the barn at any time, so I went out to see how she was doing. To my surprise, she had just given birth to a buck lamb. I quickly prepared a separate pen for her and the new lamb, just in time for the arrival of a second ewe lamb.

It was just about that time that my cell phone rang. My wife and daughter were almost home.
“We just had two lambs,” I told my wife, who then reported the news to our daughter.

They happened to be driving on the stretch of road that is now notorious for the unusual odor of rotting vegetation. My daughter’s nose instantly provided the perfect name for that first lamb – oilseed radish.

Our daughter and oilseed radish.

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