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Matt Reese

A portion of my duties at the OCJ includes taking photos to accompany the stories I write. In addition, I have been taking photos for farm-related calendars in the last couple of years. Along with that I do a few senior pictures every year and an occasional wedding.

As a result of all of these endeavors, I have spent a fair amount of time behind a camera and I am relatively comfortable there. Unfortunately, I am much less comfortable on the other end of a camera.

While my face is generally somewhat normal looking, it seems to morph into some hideous grimace when confronted with the end of a camera I am less accustomed to working with. The resulting photos reveal a distorted, ridiculous face that looks almost nothing like the visage I see in the mirror when I shave.

This perpetual problem of mine comes up every so often when I am in a wedding, my wife wants a family photo or it is time to update the OCJ staff photos. It just so happens that all three of these things are taking place within a month of each other.

Just before Christmas, my wife decided that we should get a family photo in the snow. A very talented photographer goes to our church, so we hired her for the challenge of taking the Reese family photo. A good friend of mine is getting married later this month, so I will be donning a tux a flashing my strained smile for the camera there too. To top it all off, OCJ publisher Bart Johnson announced that he would like to update all of our photos for event displays and our headshots in the OCJ.

Bart should have remembered the long string of horrendous photos of me the last time we did this. If he forgot, he was certainly reminded the other day.

Everyone had their updated photo in but me. Bart decided it was time to wrap this up so he told me he would just take my photo with my camera, which he apparently had trouble focusing. Here are some of the troubling results:

We picked the best of these and it was still pretty bad. My wife was appalled. She insisted that I do extensive work in PhotoShop to make use of one of our family photos in the snow, in which I looked much more like a normal human.

So, take some time to admire the updated headshots of the OCJ and Ohio Ag Net staff, especially mine, because you’re not going to see a new one of me anytime soon.

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