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Kevin and Kristyn Henslee, Seville, are at the 24th Ohio Beef Expo because they have a Maine-Anjou bull that will sale on Saturday. Although, they are checking out this Jug Livestock Waterer at the Expo Trade Show for their upcoming venture into sheep dairying. “We’re kind of excited about it,” Kevin said. “It’s something to do along with the cattle.” The Ohio Beef Expo is March 18-20 at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus.

More than 30,000 cattle industry enthusiasts attended the Ohio Beef Expo held March 18 – 20, 2011, at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio. In its 24th year, the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association hosted the annual event.

The major attraction on Saturday, March 19 was seven breed sales. More than 325 lots were sold with an average price of $2,565 and a gross of $838,665. Individual breed sales results were as follows:

Lots             Sale            Gross                        Total                         Bull                               Female

Average                        Average                        Average

Angus              56             $132,275                  $2,364                         $2,481                         $2,289

Chianina        28             $58,650                   $2,094                         $2,395                         $2,018

Hereford         35             $82,185                    $2,348                         $2,458                         $2,243

Limousin        17             $32,450                    $1,838                         $1,765                         $1,834

Maine-Anjou 82             $252,025                 $2,972                         $3,407                         $2,467

Shorthorn       51             $139,130                  $2,450                         $3,365                         $2,135

Simmental      58             $141,850                 $2,445                         $2,360                         $2,541

TOTAL          327             $838,665            $2,565


Managed by: Al Gahler, Graytown, Ohio

Auctioneer: Ron Kreis, Adamsville, Ohio

Total Number of Lots: 56

Sale Gross: $132,275

Sale Average: $2,364

High Selling Bull: Rains Powerstroke PSNIFPN (Lot 6) sold for $5,000 to Frank Rihaly, Cadiz, OH

Consigned by Dale Rains, Mercer, PA

High Selling Female: SSC Blackbird (Lot 60) sold for $4,200 to James Fielding, Sunbury, OH

Consigned by Davin Sherman, Eaton, OH


Managed by: Tyler Humphrey

Auctioneer: Ron Kreis

Total Number of Lots: 28

Sale Gross: $58,650

Sale Average: $ 2,094

High Selling Bull: LBG Top Gun 1CM (Lot 27) sold for $3,400

Consigned by Larry Garrett of Indiana

High Selling Female: BALD Penelope (Lot 1) sold for $3,600

Consigned by Jeremy Baldwin & Weber Show Cattle of Indiana


Managed by: Lisa Keets, Berlin Heights, Ohio

Auctioneer: Dale Stith, Guston, Ky.

Total Number of Lots: 35

Sale Gross: $82, 185

Sale Average: $2,348

High Selling Bull: MGM Next GEN Glory Bound 41W (Lot 1) sold for $3,800 to Hilltop Farm, Chillicothe, OH

Consigned by MGM, Hartford, WI

High Selling Female: CAF HLL Miranda (Lot 27) sold for $4,000 to Bill Gates, Tampa, FL

Consigned by Dunn Herefords, Cochronton, PA


Sale Manager: Keith Kissee, Richmond, Va.

Auctioneer: Ron Kreis, Adamsville, Ohio

Total Number of Lots: 17

Sale Gross: $32,450

Sale Average: $1,838

High Selling Bull: MJ Xcaliper (Lot 6) sold for $2,900 to Evans Farms, Pedro, OH

Consigned by Mark Blake, Earl Park, IN

High Selling Female: EXLR Lady Love 217W (Lot 9) sold for $4,200 to Hannah Williamson, Coshocton, OH

Consigned by Van Horn Limousin – Malta, OH


Sale Manager: Craig Reiter, Elmore, Ohio

Auctioneer: Kevin Wendt, Irwin, Ohio

Total Number of Lots: 82

Sale Gross: $252,025

Sale Average: $2,972

High Selling Bull: GCC Mr. Sooner 325X (Lot 39) sold for $11,500 to Bridwell & Associates, Covington, IN

Consigned by Guyer Cattle Co., Robinson, IL

High Selling Female: DDVN Sissy 04W (Lot 83) sold for $7,500 to Ott Show Cattle, Churubusco, IN

Consigned by Bridwell Family, Covington, IN


Sale Manager: Cagwin Cattle Service, Virginia, IL

Auctioneer: Kevin Wendt, Irwin, Ohio

Total Number of Lots: 51

Sale Gross: $139,130

Sale Average: $2,728

High Selling Bull: Byland Eagle’s Delegate (Lot 7) sold for $6,000 to McConnell Farms, Richmond, OH

Consigned by Byland Polled Shorthorns, Loudonville, OH

High Selling Female: Sunset Rose (Lot 21) sold for $5,500 to Kiley Osborn, Jefferson, IA.

Consigned by Minges Farms, Hamilton, OH


Sale Manager: DP Sales Management / Doug Parke

Auctioneer: John Spiker

Total Number of Lots: 58

Sale Gross: $141, 850

Sale Average: $2,445

High Selling Bull: Lazy H Burning On X130 (Lot 44) sold for $6,000 to Shannon Larry – Monon, IN

Consigned by Lazy H Farm, Fleming, OH

High Selling Female: HPF Independence X903 (Lot 12) sold for $8,200 to State Line Farm, Wymore, NE

Consigned by Hudson Pines Farm, Sleepy Hollow, NY

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Association is an affiliate of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and is the

state’s spokesperson and issues manager for all segments of the beef cattle industry including cattle breeders, producers and feeders. It is the grass roots policy development organization for the beef business. Through the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association, cattle producers work to create a positive business environment, while providing consumers with a safe and wholesome product.

Dale Minyo, Ohio Ag Net, interviews Aaron Arnett, vice president of beef genetics for Select Sires, during the opening day of the Ohio Beef Expo.
Josh Van Horn, Van Horn Limousin of Malta, showed the first-place Limousin female during the second female class of the Limousin Show at Ohio Beef Expo. His heifer, EXLR Lady Love 217W, was born Sept. 10, 2009. Van Horn also had the second place heifer in the class.
haron Winter, Paradise Cattle Co. of Ashville, waits with her bull, Paradise Grid Topper 923, in preparation for the Angus Parade at Ohio Beef Expo. A select committee watches the Angus Parade of bulls and females and determines the order for the next day’s Angus Sale.
Katie Bidelot, Milan, prepares a Shorthorn bull, FF Alfred, born Feb. 15, 2010, for Friday’s Open Shorthorn Show at the Ohio Beef Expo. The bull belongs to Ben Fries, Willard.
Ashley Skaggs (left), a first-year livestock science student at Ohio State University’s Agricultural Technical Institute in Wooster, and Amanda Wagner, a third-year livestock science and agronomy student, stand with ATI Powerhouse, ATI’s yearling Murray Grey bull that earned reserve supreme champion bull in the Murray Grey Show at Ohio Beef Expo on March 18. ATI has used Murray Grey cattle as their show cattle for students to work with since the first ones were donated to the school about 20 years ago.
Bob May, a Purina ambassador from Wisconsin, conducted fitting demonstrations as part of the Educational Seminars held at Ohio Beef Expo. Here he is discussing different types of clippers and blades for clipping.
Auctioneer Ron Kreis, Adamsville, takes bids during the Angus Sale at Ohio Beef Expo, March 19 at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus. Recording bids is John Grimes, Hillsboro.
Andrea Daubenmier, Ohio State University Extension 4-H educator in Knox County, presents a Youth Beef Quality Assurance session in Cooper Arena during Ohio Beef Expo. The session focused on veterinary and handling issues.
Lazy H Hez Built X144, Lot 55 during the Simmental Sale at Ohio Beef Expo, sold for $2,800. The purebred bull, born March 5, 2010, was consigned by Lazy H Farm, Fleming, and is a full sibling of the 2010 NAILE champion bull.
Kirsten Augustine, 13, from Ashland County, positions her crossbred steer for judge Bringham Stewart from Washington, Kansas.
Joe Toth, 19, from Portage County, leaves the ring with his Hereford heifer.
Keaton Potter, 9, From Jackson County exhibited this Chianina heifer.
Danielle Heintz, 15, from Auglaize County, leaves the ring with her champion Chianina steer.

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