New Ohio State Fair Commercial Pen of 5 Market Lamb Show

There will be a new class for the Ohio State Fair, a Commercial Pen of 5 Market Lamb Show.

Class Purpose:

  • Increase producer’s knowledge of carcass merit of the lambs they are producing
  • Provide carcass data to producers to aid in sire evaluations
  • Promote the high quality product being produced by the Ohio Lamb Industry
  • Expand the number of lambs available for the Ohio State Fair Lamb Sale to support the needs of the Kroger Company
  • Provide a greater opportunity for producers to participate in Ohio State Fair sheep activities

Rules for participation:

  • Open to any producer of market lambs – wethers and ewe lambs.
  • Entry Fee – $25 /pen of 5 – Maximum of 5 entries per family.
  • All entries must have a number one pelt (approx 90 days growth) with a fleece length of (one inch) 1” +/- ¼” (hair breeds will be allowed to show but no shearing will be allowed).
  • Lambs will not be washed or trimmed.
  • Lambs will be shown loose in pens with no handler in the pen at time of judging.
  • Lambs showing influence of the callipyge gene will not be accepted.
  • All lambs in the pen must weigh a minimum of 100# and no more than 165#. Lambs weighing 120# to 145# and properly finished are desired.
  • Lambs determined to be un-thrifty, light weight or extremely thin by the live lamb judge will be eliminated from the contest. The exhibitor is responsible for removing these lambs after live evaluation is completed.
  • Any lambs with evidence of prolapse, sore mouth or foot rot will not be accepted.
  • All lambs will have full access to water and bedding while housed at the OSF


  • All lambs arrive by 8:00pm on Monday July 25th
  • All lambs will be tagged, weighed and ultra-sounded to estimate fat thickness on Tuesday July 26th beginning at 1:00pm
  • Live evaluation of lambs 1:00-2:30 pm July 26th
  • Jackpot evaluation contest open to all Junior and Senior producers 2:30-3:30PM (evaluation cards must be submitted at times lambs are loaded out for harvest)
  • Winners will be announced during the Market Lamb Sale July 28th – 7PM

Proposed Awards

  • Live Animal Placing:  $25  22  20  18  15
  • Carcass Placing:  $200  175  150  125  100

For additional information contact: Gregg E. Fogle, (614) 442-1538,

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