NOAA weather update

By Jim Noel

The weather pattern looks to turn not quite as wet but cool over the next week. We expect some rain especially in the northern half of Ohio later Tuesday into Wednesday with average amounts of 0.5 to 1.0 inches especially in the north half. After that system we expect only minor systems into next week. Temperatures will be above average early this week except in the far north and then turn colder than average into early next week. The next major weather system after early to mid week will not likely occur until late next week.

Longer-range outlooks continue to show, as discussed last autumn, the trend for a cool spring with close to normal rainfall after the wet start. However, the frequency of rain will be quite active at least into the first half of April. It looks like the cooler than average temperatures will last into April with a gradual return to normal during later spring. We may move to above normal temperatures by sometime during summer. As for rainfall, after a wet early spring we will see a transition to normal and then likely drier than normal as we move into summer.

The result, with a cool/damp start and a warm/drier period by summer, this year will be another challenge on the weather front.

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