Charles Moellendick receives COBA/Select Sires Distinguished Service Award

Charles Moellendick, Lancaster, Ohio recently received a Distinguished Service Award from COBA/Select Sires during the cooperative’s annual meetings. He was presented with a plaque which read, “For Your Calm & Effective Service and Leadership 1980-2011.”  Moellendick thus became the first person to receive this prestigious recognition since 1996.  Moellendick also served as a Director of Select Sires representing COBA members during the same 31 year period.

In making the presentation to Charles Moellendick, current COBA/Select Sires President, Tom Fleming, noted that it was during Moellendick’s term as President of COBA/Select Sires that the current General Manager, Bernie Heisner, was hired in 1992.  When Moellendick started as a Director of COBA in 1980 the cooperative sold 473,043 units of semen in its service area, which remarkably grew to 1,764,136 units in 2010 with no change in the geography served.  Fleming further observed Moellendick’s demeanor as a board member was generally quiet with good humor, but when Charles spoke people listened attentively to what he had to say.  A true believer in what cooperative’s could and should accomplish for its member-owner-customers, Moellendick was effective in speaking up and offering ideas and opinions when he thought another course of action would better serve the cooperative’s members.

While Charles served as President of Select Sires, in 1999, David Thorbahn was hired to lead Select Sires and replace Dick Chichester; in 2000 Sire Power from Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania became a part of the Select Sires federation of cooperatives; and in 2001 Select Sires purchased World Wide Sires jointly with Accelerated Genetics.

It is interesting to note that it was Charles Moellendick’s father who as the farmer President of a West Virginia A.I. cooperative, hired Dick Chichester for his first job with an A.I. organization.  Charles was President of Select Sires when Chichester retired in 1999.

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