Crop insurance question 4: Coverage for new acres

By Andrea Metz, Cargill

Andrea Metz

Question: What if I picked up additional acres this year? How does that play into my crop insurance options?

Answer: Your options for added land will be determined by the application you signed at sales closing date, where the added land is located, and how many acres you are adding.

For instance, I selected State coverage on my application and made Shelby County my designated county. I add 50 acres in a section I already farm in Shelby County. My coverage on the crops I plant on the added land would be the same as the coverage for the Shelby County crops that I elected to insure on the application at sales closing. For production purposes this added land would be added to the APH database of my existing unit and the production history of that unit by crop/practice/type will apply to this added land.

These added acres may be eligible for prevent plant if certain requirements are met. Contact your crop insurance agent to discuss further.

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