Crop insurance questions?

The incessant rain is putting Ohio corn and soybean producers in a tight spot this spring. As more soggy fields sit idle, the only things emerging are questions about how to handle the exasperating situation.

The potential for profits this year is still there, but at what point does delayed corn planting tip the scales in favor of preventative planting crop insurance options? What are those options? What about getting crops in the ground to feed a nearly unprecedented world demand? What could lower yields from late planting this year do to the farm in future years with regard to government farm programs and crop insurance coverage? How will farmers meet the feed demands of on-farm livestock or fill contracts that have been sold for strong prices?

These are just a few of the many quandaries facing Ohio agriculture as May (and the optimal corn planting dates) pass by. What are your top questions regarding crop insurance and Ohio’s record-breaking wet spring?  Let us know through Facebook or in the comments below on this post by 8 am tomorrow morning and we will have a five part series starting later this week with experts to field your questions.

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