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The Farm Service Agency (FSA) is extending the deadline to submit 2010 Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) production reports for planted acres to September 1, 2011.

“Producers are reminded that the July 15th deadline is still in place to report the annual acreage and that the September 1st extension is only for reporting ACRE production reports,” said Steve Maurer, State Executive Director. “By following these deadline dates, compliance with current farm programs, and possible eligibility for future programs will be ensured.”

The production reports impact eligibility for potential ACRE payments in the current year and also impacts future years’ benchmark farm yields for covered commodities.

In addition, farmers are encouraged to report failed crop acreage that will not be brought to harvest to their local FSA office.  Failed acreage must be reported to FSA before destroying and replanting to allow time for a field check.

“It is very important that farmers report failed acreage that will not be brought to harvest to the FSA office prior to destruction,” said Maurer. “This simple act of insuring that failed acres are documented could be the determining factor in whether or not a farmer is eligible for future crop disaster program payments.”

Form CCC-576, Notice of Loss, is used to report failed acreage and may be completed by any producer with an interest in the crop. For crop losses covered by the Non-insured Assistance Program (NAP), producers must contact their local FSA office within 15 days of the occurrence of the disaster or when losses become apparent.  Producers with crop insurance should also contact their local agent when losses occur and before destroying the crop.

Although low yield acreage does not need to be reported to FSA, producers are encouraged to keep good production records on acreage with a low crop yield to document crop losses. Reporting failed acreage to FSA will ensure compliance with current farm programs, and possible eligibility for future disaster programs.

Additional information in regard to failed crop acreage or crop losses covered by the Non-Insured Assistance Program (NAP) can be obtained by contacting your local FSA office.  FSA program information is also available online at: www.fsa.usda.gov.

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