Ohio FSA Announces Deadline Extension for Prevented Planting

Due to Ohio’s weather creating delays in planting, the Ohio Farm Service Agency (FSA) is extending the date to timely report prevented planting to July 15, 2011, to coincide with the crop reporting deadline.

“Ohio’s weather has created delays in planting, which may result in difficulty of timely reporting prevented acreage,” said Steve Maurer, state executive director. “With the extension, producers will be able to file form CCC-576, Notice of Loss for prevented planting of corn and soybeans at the same time as filing annual acreage reports which are also due by July 15th.”

Producers are reminded to file an FSA-578, Report of Acreage, certification for the farm by June 30 for small grains and by July 15 for all other crops.
Prevented planting acreage, or acreage that could not be planted because of wet field conditions or other natural disaster, should be reported to FSA by July 15th. This includes crops covered by crop insurance or the Non-insured Assistance Program (NAP) and crops without insurance coverage. Producers should contact their local FSA office or crop insurance agent to verify final planting dates for all crops since they vary among counties and crop types.
For crop losses on crops covered by the Non-insured Assistance Program (NAP), producers must contact their local FSA office within 15 days of the occurrence of the disaster or when losses become apparent to file a Notice of Loss. Producers with crop insurance should contact their local agent when losses occur and before destroying the crop.
To report prevented acreage, producers must complete Form CCC-576, Notice of Loss, for affected crops.
If a producer misses the reporting deadline for prevented planting, they may still report prevented planting acreage as long as the disaster condition may be verified by a paid for field visit. If the acreage was timely reported to insurance and supports the crop information reported to FSA, the fee may be waived. This crop insurance exception does not apply to NAP.
Producers may contact their local county FSA office if they have any questions about prevented and failed reporting or visit www.fsa.usda.gov/.

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