Refuge-in-the-bag saved precious time in 2011 planting season

By Matt Reese

This spring, farmers around Ohio experienced one of the most delayed plating seasons in history. With such a limited planting window, farmers had to make every minute count. A few farmers around the state got to save some time and experience the convenience of the refuge-in-the-bag of Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete corn. Robert Earl, who farms in Huron County, was among them. He planted around 260 acres of the Channel Brand corn this spring.

“We started planting corn on June 2 and finished on June 7. I called in family members to help drive tractor,” he said. “The SmartStax made it easier. We didn’t have to worry about where we were planting the refuge. It was one thing we didn’t have to think about when we were busier than heck. We didn’t have to haul two different varieties out to the field, we just loaded it.”

The refuge-in-the-bag is also beneficial for preserving the insect resistance technology.

“You always had to worry about planting the refuge right and this cuts out quite a bit of hassle. This kind of solves that problem. When you’re really busy, you can just grab the seed and throw it in,” he said. “And, now that we have the rootworm deviant to worry about in this area, I look at the rootworm control as cheap insurance.”

Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete is the industry’s first single bag refuge management solution that does not require planting a separate structured insect refuge. It offers 95% Bt seed and 5% non-Bt refuge seed blended in the same bag that farmers can plant across their field. There is no need to change seed in mid-planting, resulting in more convenience, less time and easier refuge compliance. The 5% refuge is the lowest in the Corn Belt, letting farmers protect more of their acres.

This technology had a limited introduction this spring and will have a full launch for the 2012 season in the Midwest corn growing region. For more information, farmers can contact their seed representative or visit

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