Soybeans aphids on the move to Ohio

Soybean aphids have already been found in northern Ohio fields.

By Ron Hammond and Andy Michel, Ohio State University Extension entomologists

Back in April of this year, we wrote an article where we predicted that Ohio would see soybean aphids this summer, albeit that we could not say if any part of the state would actually experience outbreak conditions. We can report that the prediction of having aphids might become true. States and provinces to our north and northeast (Michigan, New York, Ontario) are starting to report seeing soybean aphids in numerous fields at low levels, and we can report that we know of at least a field each in Wayne and Wood Counties in Ohio (early planted soybean fields), that have small aphid populations.

Because we feel that most of Ohio’s problems in later summer come from aphids that migrate from northern areas, conditions are beginning to occur that might provide us with larger populations in a month or so. Thus, while absolutely nothing should be done at this time other than keeping watch, we would urge growers to keep vigilant, not only what is beginning to happen in Ohio, but what is occurring to our north.  At this time, we would urge growers to not take any preventive action against the soybean aphid, and wait until economic levels begin to occur, if they do.

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