Western bean cutworm risk in Northern Ohio

By Brian Essinger, Monsanto
The latest forecast for Western Bean Cutworm is moderate to high risk for northern Ohio. I recommend scouting acres that are not Genuity SmartStax traited corn.
The eggs are laid on the corn leaves, will start out in clumps of 15-50 white/pink eggs and as they mature they turn brown and then purple right before they hatch.
High Insect Risk
Insect migration probability in your area requires your immediate action. Please review the data below to assess your risk for insect damage and determine next steps.
For daily insect migration reports, information about past migratory insect conditions, insect pressure trends and related research, please visit InsectForecast.com.

ACTION: Immediately scout all fields currently at a stage susceptible to insect damage.

RISK: Over 50% probability of experiencing an insect flight resulting in increased trap counts and presence of new moths.

ISSUED WHEN: An optimal weather pattern exists (strong south/southwest winds and expected precipitation). Crop damaging insects are active in the source region but may move to a new area based on the existing crop stage.

According to OSU Extension, however, the numbers of the pest are declining. Based on adult trap counts from last week, it appears that numbers of western bean cutworm are decreasing and we are probably entering the downswing of peak flight (trap map available at: http://entomology.osu.edu/ag/pageview3.asp?id=1390).  However, there is a fair amount of variability as most traps showed a decrease of traps, but a few increased.  The good news is that scouting for egg masses and larvae by OSU Extension Educators have found very few eggs, and no field that was inspected was over threshold.  Growers are still advised to scout the remaining fields that have not tasseled.  These fields may serve as good concentration of oviposition for the few adult stragglers remaining.

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