AGCO unveils all-new Sunflower 1800 Series tandem disc harrows

AGCO is pleased to unveil the latest addition to the Sunflower seeding and tillage lineup, the all-new Sunflower 1800 Series Tandem Disc Harrows. These heavy-duty machines combine bigger blades and wider blade spacing with larger frames to produce some of the highest weight-per-blade specifications in the industry, to easily cut through compacted soils and heavy crop mat.
“Professional producers looking for a durable machine that can break through hard-packed soils and thick crop residue need not look any further than the Sunflower 1800 Series Tandem Disc Harrows,” said Larry Kuster, product marketing specialist. “These machines are designed to efficiently incorporate heavy residue into the soil to help maintain a healthy, nutrient-rich soil structure so producers can maximize their crop yield potential.”
The Sunflower 1800 Series Tandem Disc Harrows are available in two models — SF1830 and SF1810 — each with a variety of widths and configurations that cater to the specific needs and field conditions of individual farming operations. The SF1830 model, with cutting widths between 22 feet, 10 inches and 39 feet, is ideal for producers looking to cover a lot of acres. These models boast a weight-per-blade range of 402 pounds to 635 pounds, needed to help penetrate hard soils. The SF1830 models weigh in between 23,771 pounds and 37,568 pounds, depending on the configuration.
Producers who need the same heavy-duty cutting and mixing power in a somewhat smaller machine may opt for one of the SF1810 model configurations. These machines feature cutting widths from 14 feet, 4 inches up to 17 feet, 7 inches, with a weight-per-blade range of 333 pounds to 523 pounds, and total weight ranging between 11,152 pounds and 13,580 pounds.
Depending on the model, the Sunflower 1800 Series can be configured with 28- or 30-inch plain or notched disc blades, spaced at 11- or 13-inch intervals.
Select models of the 1800 Series also feature spring-cushion gangs to prevent damage in the field where rocks are often encountered. Heavy coil springs allow the entire gang assembly to pivot upward and pass over the obstruction. Once past, the springs expand and the gang assembly returns to its original working position.
The 1800 Series Tandem Disc Harrows are constructed on high-strength 4-inch-by-8-inch by 3/8 inch tubular steel, designed to withstand the horizontal stress and rotational torque associated with aggressive tillage. The frame is cross-braced and gusseted for added strength and durability. A single-lip hitch and the self-leveling hitch assembly that keeps the unit running level are standard.
“The 1800 Series was built with the professional producer in mind. As a leader in the seeding and tillage industry, Sunflower is committed to building and manufacturing innovative tools that help farmers get seed in the ground and growing vigorously despite even the toughest of field conditions. These tandem disc harrows deliver the same quality and innovation our customers expect from each piece of equipment that has the Sunflower name on it,” Kuster concludes.
Sunflower, known as the “originator of flexible tillage tools,” is the seeding and tillage division of AGCO. Sunflower is known around the world as a producer and marketer of top-quality products with exceptional customer support. Quality and service are what today’s professional producers expect from their equipment and what Sunflower continues to provide.
For more information on the Sunflower 1800 Series Tandem Disc Harrows, see your local Sunflower equipment dealer or visit

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