Bestway announces new retriever transport hitch

Bestway Inc., a leading specialty agricultural equipment manufacturer, recently announced the introduction of the Retriever® Transport Hitch for towing large drawn planters and other large implements with two-point or drawbar type hitches.

The Retriever® Transport Hitch mounts in about five minutes on the fifth wheel and frame of a tandem axle semi-tractor.   Utilizing a powerful, built in 12-volt hydraulic power pack, the Retriever® Transport hitch attaches to the planter with a two-point Quick-Attach hitch system and the operator uses a remote control to hydraulically raise the planter to transport height then the lift is securely locked for towing.  The exclusive two-point hitch design allows changing from a Category III system to a Category II system for towing mower conditioners, in about 10 seconds.  For drawbar type implements and planters, a removable heavy-duty drawbar with 12,000 lb. tongue weight capacity, is included with the hitch.  In addition a remote hydraulic valve is standard equipment for lifting or folding implements before towing.

“Transporting large drawn planters, grain carts, tillage and fertilizer application equipment between distant farms or to and from the equipment dealership for service has become a considerable logistic problem for growers” states, David Benson, Director of Sales and Marketing, for Bestway.   “The Retriever® Transport Hitch solves this problem while utilizing an existing semi-tractor at the farm.

A comprehensive Retriever® Transport Hitch demonstration DVD video is available on request.  Contact Bestway Inc. at or call 877-390-4480.

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