Morrow County Fair and the chick magnet

DLF Jewelat, exhibited by Kim Lemmon, was the Grand Champion Mare at the Morrow County Fair.

Apparently, when you marry a talented and beautiful Ohio Lamb and Wool Queen, occasionally judging Guys and Gals Lead Competitions is part of the deal. This is not something I recall from our marriage vows but I am told that this was indeed in there somewhere.

At any rate, my wife and I had the chance to visit the Morrow County Fair this week to serve as judges for the Guys and Gals Sheep Lead competition and had a great time visiting the fair. While the poise of the young ladies and their fine outfits were the highlight for most spectators, I have to say that Dale Morris was one of the real highlights for me. The three-year-old donned a bright yellow, feathery chicken costume complete with floppy chicken feet shoes. The sheep he led for the competition had what looked to be a giant magnet around its neck as they circled the show ring. This “chick magnet” was a hit with the crowd and won the class. Unfortunately for Dale, it is these kinds of moments captured in a childhood photo that will inevitably come up during high school graduation or his wedding. Good luck with that Dale.

On our visit we also got to enjoy some delicious fair food (including a Reese-family favorite raspberry jam covered elephant ear from the Marshall family) and see my co-worker Kim Lemmon’s grand champion mare. Here are some photos from our visit to the Morrow County Fair:

Claire Nicholson was crowned the Junior Sheep Princess.


Dale Morris, 3, created quite a stir in the costume class of guys and gals sheep lead while masquerading as a Chick Magnet. This picture will undoubtedly haunt him later in life.


Shelbie Wiseman was crowned the Morrow County Sheep Queen.


Guys and Gals Sheep Lead contestants watch the run-through to see the finer points of the competition.

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