Hemisphere GPS announces new Outback Guidance Solutions


Hemisphere GPS new eDriveX™, Outback S3™ and new long range RTK receiver A320.

Hemisphere GPS announced new Outback Guidance® solutions that deliver high level precision farming performance and productivity to all sizes of farm operations. Farmers continually strive for increased yields and efficiency and those efforts translate into a need for improved accuracy and performance regarding field operations. Now, combining new eDriveX™ features with Outback S3™ spray and rate control and new long range RTK receivers A320™/A321™, customers will have the most practical precision farm solution available from Hemisphere GPS. Farm operations of all sizes appreciate the affordability and versatility of Outback Guidance system performance.

New eDriveX Features
Hemisphere GPS introduces two advancements in eDriveX with eTurns functionality for customers seeking precision steering and control performance: reverse steering and slow speed control. Reverse steering provides customers with the ability to reverse course under certain circumstances. Slow speed control allows eDriveX users to operate their equipment in demanding, slow speed conditions down to 0.25 mph—crucial for many specialty crop operations. Additionally, eDriveX now supports 35 installation kits covering 335 vehicle models, including such manufactures as Case IH, John Deere, and New Holland. The hydraulic steering installation kits come complete with all the necessary hoses, fittings, and brackets. Detailed, yet easy to use, vehicle-specific step-by-step instructions enable customers to install the system themselves with no special training. Typically, the entire hydraulic installation can be done in just a few hours.

A320 and A321 GPS and GLONASS Smart Antennas
The A320/A321 RTK smart antennas offer affordable, versatile, and portable positioning solutions with centimeter-level accuracy. They are powered by Hemisphere GPS’ Eclipse™ II GNSS (GPS and GLONASS) receiver technology and combine the receiver, antenna, and optional radio modems, all in one rugged package. With dual-serial, CAN, and pulse output options and support for GPS and GLONASS RTK, L-band HP/XP/VBS/G2, and SBAS, A320 and A321 are ideal for all types of precision farming applications. The performance is upgradeable through authorization codes so users can choose an entry-level version A320 and upgrade the performance in the future. A320 is compatible with nearly all types of network RTK systems including most CORS networks. With Hemisphere GPS’ patent pending SureTrack™ technology A320/A321 improve GNSS performance, particularly with RTK and GLONASS applications. Benefits include extended and more robust RTK solutions as the rover RTK receiver will process all available signals even if they are not common with the base receiver.

Users have the option of a 900MHz radio portable base solution, a 5W 400MHz radio fixed base solution or a cellular data modem. The 400 MHz long range radio allows farmers to expand their areas of operation of up to 18 miles or more and complete more work in less time. For even greater range the optional cellular modem can be configured to receive RTK corrections from the Internet – from a single base station or a network of base stations. For larger farms, these options result in less time spent moving equipment and subsequently less time in the field completing the same amount of work. A320 is designed to be mounted on a variety of farm machinery for kinematic positioning and navigation applications, while A321 can be used as a portable base station mounted on a tripod or riser.

Outback S3 and AC110 Spray and Section Control
Hemisphere GPS is continually developing solutions for reducing input costs and increasing yields and the latest is section and rate control for both new and existing customers of the widely popular Outback S3 guidance terminal. The new AC110 Application Controls ECU, combined with Outback S3, provides rate control for one product and section control for up to ten sections. As the first offering in what is expected to be a series of rate/section control products, the S3 with AC110 provides an onscreen display of sections with section override, support for eDriveTC and eDriveX, an external report viewer, and interface kits for Raven (440/450, 4400/4600) and Teejet (854) models.

“Our Outback line of products is designed to provide farmers affordable and simple solutions that improve productivity,” said Kip Pendleton, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, Agriculture, for Hemisphere GPS. “These new features provide farm operations of all sizes the ability to be more precise and get the most out of their operations. As a result, we’ll reach a larger market of customers and enhance the benefits for our existing customer base.”

Outback eDriveX with eTurns and the new reverse steering and slow speed control features are available now through Outback Guidance Centers and through Hemisphere GPS distributors worldwide. A320/A321 smart antennas and S3 section control will be available in Fall 2011. Contact Outback Guidance customer service or visit www.outbackguidance.com for more information.

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