Grewal receives OSU distinction

Parwinder Grewal, professor of entomology, was honored with The Ohio State University’s Distinguished Scholar Award. Grewal was among six Ohio State faculty members to receive the distinction at a ceremony on the Columbus campus. He is based in Wooster at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, and also has an appointment with Ohio State University Extension.

Through the use of entomopathogenic nematodes, or roundworms, Grewal has made important contributions to the mitigation of insect pests in both agricultural and urban settings. His work, which provides safe, effective “green” methods for controlling insect pests, spans several organizational levels — from the subcellular to the ecosystem.

Grewal’s research has resulted in seven invention disclosures and three patents. He is the author of the most cited paper in the field of entomopathogenic nematology and has published 133 peer-reviewed papers. Grewal is also past president of the Society of Nematologists.

Grewal started his career at Ohio State in 1997.

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