Yetter adds closing tool to its lineup

It is well known throughout agriculture that without effective closure of the seed trench, the intensive effort spent on planting goes to waste. Now, Yetter has added another closing tool to its lineup: the 6200 Paddle Wheel.

The 13-inch Paddle Wheel features paddle-shaped fins, offering producers dealing with challenging soil conditions another option for trench closure. Extremely effective in excessively wet conditions, the Paddle Wheel also performs well in dry soil.

As the angled paddles enter and exit the soil, the uniquely shaped design works from the surface layer down to crumble hard or wet soil. This has two benefits. It reduces the possibility of sidewall compaction without creating air pockets while completely closing the seed trench. This results in ideal seed-to-soil contact.

“Proper seed trench closure ensures ideal seed-to-soil contact for improved germination, better stands and higher yields. Both Yetter Spike and Paddle closing wheels are effective tools for increasing yield potential for a quick return on investment,” said Jared Head, a Yetter product specialist.

Head cites further advantages of the Paddle Wheel: “Producers will find that the soil-churning action of the paddle design facilitates robust root development, the foundation of superior yields. Another great advantage is that as the Paddle Wheel fractures the soil surface, it speeds up warming of the row area by loosening the soil for improved seed emergence.”

Down pressure on the Paddle Wheel can be increased or reduced. The tool will close the seed trench in the most severe conditions. The design of the wheel sheds damp soil to prevent soil build-up in wet conditions. For applications requiring additional soil crumbling or leveling, an optional 3/8″ square twisted drag chain can be used, or producers may add the Yetter-exclusive Seed Firming Wheel.

The Paddle Wheel is the newest addition to the wide range of seed trench closing options offered by Yetter Manufacturing Company. For more information about this product or other closing wheel attachments, contact a Yetter Planter Fit-Up Specialist today.

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