Is 2011 the wettest year on record?

By Jim Noel, NOAA/NWS

The outlook from Nov. 8-22 calls for above normal temperatures and rainfall overall. Normal temperatures are highs near 50 and lows near 35. Temperatures will average several degrees above normal.

Normal rainfall is about 1.2 inches. Rainfall will average 1 to 3 inches with the greatest totals in the west. Weather systems will affect Ohio the first half of this week, the first part of next week and the beginning of Thanksgiving week. In addition, a few showers with a colder upper air system will move through later this week.

Longer range, the above normal temperatures of November will gradually turn to normal, then colder than normal as we go through winter. Rainfall will likely turn from above normal in November to normal in early winter before going back above normal later in winter.

As for 2011, it will go down as one of the wettest in Ohio. Some sections of the north and south will have their all-time record wettest year on record, while the central section will likely reach top 3rd to 7th wettest on record.

Here is a breakdown so far:

City                     This Year               Record

Cincinnati          60.71                 57.58 in 1990 NEW RECORD

Dayton               45.82                 59.75 in 1990

Columbus          44.75                 53.16 in 1990

Cleveland          55.81                 53.83  in 1990 NEW RECORD

Toledo               38.27                 47.84  in 1950

Mansfield          46.29                 67.22 in 1990

Parkersburg       49.71                 56.12 in 1990

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