Pesticide applicator alert

By Harold Watters, OSU Extension

Over the next three to four weeks you will be getting information on how to renew your Ohio Pesticide Applicator’s License. The letter from the Ohio Department of Agriculture will include information on how and where to recertify this winter. With increased postage cost, reduced county Extension funding and loss of personnel, we in Extension still want to help you through the education process for your recertification. So read the letter from our Pesticide Safety and Education office, find the date and location to participate in for renewal and reserve your spot with your friendly neighborhood Extension office.

Most of us applicators across Ohio now have categories 1, 2, 6 and CORE. Those cover Field Crops (1), Forage Crops and Livestock (2), Fumigation (6) and CORE. This reduced number of categories due to changes that were set in place last year.

  • Category 1 now includes seed treatment, stored grain and non-crop in addition to weeds, insects and disease control for corn (all corn including sweet), soybeans and wheat.
  • Category 2 includes forages as before but now includes Livestock and Livestock Buildings, as well as non-crop and seed treatment in those forage or livestock settings.
  • Category 6? In the past many of the categories had a fumigation definition along with other pesticide uses. Now any fumigation will be included here in 6. And because many areas had fumigation as part of the category, you became grandfathered into the new Category 6. If you are like most of us you will keep this category by recertifying in this area too. Because of the potential safety and environment issues, you will undergo additional training over what you may have had in the past.

Remember, you still must recertify or re-test every three years. Ohio State University Extension offices will continue doing the training for recertification. And you still need a minimum of three hours of recertification time, that’s one hour in CORE education and one-half hour each in every other category you have. While every license holder did get a new license last fall, you may still need to renew this winter. Check the date at the bottom of your card – there it identifies your Recertification Cycle and indicates when your license expires. Just above that area are your Categories. My license has 1, 2, 6, and CORE.

See the Ohio State University Pesticide Safety & Education website: for more information on the new categories as well as dates for recertification in your area.


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