CIFT working to bring Ag Research Service patents to Ohio

Businesses from Northwest Ohio came to Perrysburg to see how they may be able to commercialize an USDA patent.

The Center for Innovative Food Technology, based in Toldeo, aims to bridge the gap between researchers at the United States Department of Agriculture and commercial business.

On Thursday, CIFT held an event announcing a partnership with Bowling Green University’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership to present Ohio businesses with patents from the USDA Agricultural Research Service that have the opportunity to be commercialized. Most of the patents are for direct agricultural use or add value to an agricultural product.

Graduate students from the center presented to the group the patents’ market opportunities.

Patents presented at the meeting include:

Biopolymer Thickener: A thickening agent that when added to a milk product creates desired thickness. Main target would be the elderly segment.

Soil Strength Measurement Tool: Sensor that attaches to tillage tool and connects to GPS to allow continuous on-the-fly measurement of soil strength in the top 18 inches. Allows for the creation of soil compaction maps and adjust tillage depths.

Flame Retardant Wool: New heat-resistant material that can be applied to wool to prevent it from burning. This process uses readily available materials and makes manufacturing less expensive and easier.

Fermentation of Mannitol: New process that is more efficient and lower cost to produce. Widely used in food, pharmaceutical, medical and chemical industries. Used in sweet-tasting additives to increase shelf-life of foods.

Method to Detect Exposed Bone Fragments in Meat and Fish: In the harvesting process the surface is illuminated with UV light to detect bone fragments and collagen left on the meat or fish.

These are just a handful of the near 100 issued patents the ARS has available. At any one time the ARS has 200-300 research projects underway.

Heather Heterick spoke with CIFT CEO Dave Beck about how the meeting was a win-win for all those involved.

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