Genuity VT Double PRO receives approval

By Andy Michel and Ron Hammond, Ohio State University Extension entomologists


The EPA has just received approval for their Genuity VT Double PRO product to be planted with a refuge in the bag (RIB) strategy.  With the RIB, refuge plants are blended with the transgenic plants such that there is no need to plant a separate refuge; in this case the refuge is set at 5%.  This product contains the genes Cry1A.205 and Cry2Ab2, which offers control for European corn borer, corn earworm and fall armyworm.  Note that this product does not control western bean cutworm, nor does not offer any control against western corn rootworm.  Nonetheless, this product could be useful in certain areas of Ohio where these pests are less of a concern and where planting a separate refuge might be difficult.

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