Ohio families recognized as 2011 Century Farms

Fifty-two farms were recognized by the Ohio Department of Agriculture in 2011 as century farms.  Century farm status is awarded to families who have owned the same farm for at least 100 consecutive years. Ohio’s Country Journal highlights two Ohio Century Farms each year.

To commemorate this impressive milestone, each family received a special certificate signed by Governor John R. Kasich and the Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture to keep with their historic documents and pass down to future generations.


County                         Name                                 Year Established

Adams                         Swearingen                         1875

Allen                            Badertscher                         1868

Allen                                     Bieln                                     1853

Allen                                     Sidey                                     1883

Ashland                         Elson                                     1908

Auglaize                         Albers                                     1835

Butler                                     Beeler                                     1901

Champaign                         Detwiler                         1904

Clark                                     Ackerman                         1888

Clark                                     Bowman                         1910

Clark                                     Goodfellow                         1902

Clark                                     King                                     1896

Clark                                     Stickney                         1805

Clinton                         Branstrator                         1904

Clinton                         Stephens                         1911

Columbiana                         Huston                         1842

Columbiana                         Little                                     1907

Crawford                         Pope                                     1885

Defiance                         Reagle                         1865

Defiance                         Steinberger                         1872

Defiance                         Weber                                     1908

Delaware                         Watkins                         1897

Delaware                         Watkins                         1881

Delaware                         Watkins                         1892

Fairfield                         Berry (2 farms)             1811

Fairfield                         McManus                         1850

Fairfield                         Solt                                     1909

Hancock                         Van Sant                         1877

Hardin                         Eibling                         1907

Hardin                         Sanders                         1865

Hardin                         Wagner                         1833

Henry                                     Bechtol                         1910

Hocking                         Brimner                         1910

Knox                                     Dudgeon                         1831

Lake                                     West                                     1891

Lorain                                     Greene                         1909

Madison                         Hunter                         1910

Mercer                         Moeder (2 farms)             1873

Mercer                         Thieman                         1869

Morgan                         Bragg                                     1902

Putnam                         Hoersten                         1908

Putnam                         Maag                                     1879

Putnam                         Pierman                         1910

Putnam                         Risser                                     1864

Putnam                         Verhoff                         1911

Sandusky                         Gerwin                         1900

Shelby                         Baumer                         1911

Union                                     Bouic                                     1906

Wood                                     Karns (2 farms)             1865


More than 850 farms in 85 counties across the state are registered as century farms.  Athens, Noble, and Pike are the only counties that do not yet have any registered century farms.

Anyone who can verify that a currently-owned farm has remained in their family for at least 100 years may register. For more information, visit www.agri.ohio.gov and click on “Promotional Programs” and then “Century Farm Recognition,” or contact Cindy Shy in the Office of Communication at 614-752-9817 or cindy.shy@agri.ohio.gov.

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