Yetter offers powerful residue management solution

The 2966 Twin Row Residue Manager, from Yetter Farm Equipment, partners perfectly with newer model John Deere, hydraulic-
drive, twin-row planters. The single-wheel residue manager, specially engineered for twin-row planters, is a solid choice to
improve seedbeds and offers return on investment in all types of tillage conditions.
By using the 2966 Twin Row Residue Manager, producers can prepare a better seedbed and expect soil to warm more quickly.
“Yetter residue managers help create better seed-to-soil contact, which promotes even emergence. Producers get a better return
on investment from seed dollars,” said Yetter Territory Manager Ryan Cramer.
The Twin Row Residue Manager is available in right- and lefthanded models. Growers can choose the patented SharkTooth®
residue management wheel or one of the other effective residue manager wheel options available from Yetter. The single-arm design places the residue manager wheel at a slight angle for more effective clearing of residue in front of tru-vee openers during planting.
The 2966 uses an acme screw to easily adjust down stop, either from in front of the row unit or with an extension wrench from the top of the row unit. This time-saving feature means adjustments can be made with ease and growers can spend more time planting. By adjusting the acme screw, users can set each residue manager to a setting specific for each field’s conditions to achieve ideal clearing of residue.
If the operator chooses not to use the residue managers, each unit can be raised and locked into the storage position. Features on the 2966 include an aluminum floater band on the residue manager wheel. The floating design enables the units to follow soil contours.
Designed for longevity, the Twin Row Residue Manager is mounted on a heavy-duty, cast-iron hub that features a greasable, double-row ball bearing for extended service life. The residue manager has a highstrength, tubular-mounting steel arm, as well as heavy-duty pivots on the mounting bracket.

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