More highlights from the Farm Machinery Show

By Ty Higgins

Over the years I have always seen pictures and heard stories about just how big the

Taylor Dillon of Somerset, Kentucky takes in his first National Farm Machinery Show and wastes no time testing out a Massey Ferguson tractor.

National Farm Machinery Show is, but I have never been there to witness the phenomenon first-hand. You would think that with the background that I was given on the event, I would know what to expect. Boy was I wrong.

Dale Minyo and I made the trek on the Thursday of the show and you could see the magnitude of the show by how many Chevys, Fords and Dodge’s with Ohio plates were headed across I-71 South in Kentucky. I have to admit that my excitement was building.

Once there I could not believe my eyes, or my feet, as we tried to cover as much ground as we could in a day. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that Dale and I actually got lost a time or two.

The highlight of the 27-acre indoor show was the Kinze 1300 series grain cart. Its massive size is equally as impressive as the fact that it unloads at 750 bushels per minute. Here are more of the featured items from the show. Also be sure to check out my you can also see my video tour.

Kinze 1300 series grain cart

One of the most notable of the many highlights at the show was the Kinze 1300 series grain cart. Its massive size is as equally as impressive as the fact that it unloads at 750 bushels per minute.

The new line of grain carts featuring an externally mounted, forward-angled corner auger. The dual-auger design provides maximum visibility and reach. The one-piece, horizontal auger moves grain quickly from back to front. The 
vertical corner auger can pivot up to 10 degrees and features an adjustable spout to allow for
 precise grain unloading and full visibility from the tractor cab.

The new, larger carts will be available in 900-, 1,100-, 1,300- and 1,500-bushel
 capacities. The larger capacities will allow for more efficient harvesting.

These new carts feature a wide variety of options for tires and tracks to reduce soil
compaction. The 1100 and 1300 models feature giant 1100/45R46 compaction-reducing tires. The 900 model comes with 66×43-25 tires. There is a dual 520/85R42 tire option available on the 1100 and 1300 models to further reduce soil compaction. A 36-inch wide tracked undercarriage is available on the 1100, 1300 and 1500 models. A new Steerable Tandem Axle is available for the 1500 model featuring four 66×43-25 tires for extreme load-carrying capability and maneuverability.

All Kinze carts feature a durable powder coat finish and will be available for the 2012
harvest season. Additional options include: electronic scale packages for quick and easy weights, an electric-roll tarp and a manual tarp to cover and uncover loads quickly and a dual camera option to monitor both the rear of the cart and the unloading auger.


New Holland T6 Series tractors

New Holland’s new mid-range T6 Series tractors deliver outstanding power, performance and fuel efficiency with Tier 4a emissions-compliant engines that feature New Holland’s exclusive ECOBlue technology. Six models, from 90- to 120-PTO hp, are available with a range of standard to premium features with a combination of transmission, hydraulic and cab packages to suit the operation and preferences of a wide array of farming and utility operations.

“New Holland’s new T6 Series tractors provide exceptional performance and fuel economy, making them ideal mid-range tractors for livestock and mixed farm applications, roadside mowing, heavy loader work and more,” said Mike Cornman, Dairy & Livestock Segment Marketing Manager.

New Holland’s Tier 4a compliant engines offer improved power, performance and reduced fuel consumption thanks to New Holland’s ECOBlue Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. Thanks to the cutting-edge SCR system, engines benefit from significantly better fuel economy and more power and torque. Instead of recycling exhaust gases, the ECOBlue system takes 100% cool, clean air directly into the engine. One of the principal benefits of SCR technology is that it does not place any additional demands on the cooling package, which means that zero power is diverted to cool the exhaust gas. The engine’s power is only used for the machines principal “working” functions, improving productivity.

T6.140, T6.150 and T6.160 models feature a 274 cu. inch, 4-cylinder engine, while the T6.155, T6.165 and T6.175 models feature 411 cu. Inch, 6-cylinder engines. All six T6 tractor models, regardless of engine block size, have electronic engines and use a common-rail, fuel-injection pump and engine power management designed to provide optimal performance and power for any job. Standard engine boost provides up to 25 additional engine horsepower for PTO and transport work.

Four transmission options are available to accommodate varying operational needs:

• 24×24 Dual Command Hi-Lo transmission with power shuttle provides an underdrive gear for each of the 12 forward and reverse gears.

• 16×16 ElectroShift with power shuttle provides touch button powershifting through the four gears of each range, plus a clutch-free shift between first and second range, and between the third and fourth range.

• 16×16 AutoShift with power shuttle offers the same operational convenience as the ElectroShift but with an additional auto-shift button for field and road conditions.

• 17×16 AutoShift with 25 mph (40 KPH) economy or 31 mph (50 KPH) provides an alternative when a more economical transmission or higher speeds are desired.

• A creeper option provides slower operational speeds.

The T6 tractors are designed to handle implements with ease. They have a large three-point hitch lift capacity ranging from 9,620 pounds to 13,460 pounds, and a choice of a standard 18-gallon-per-minute open-center hydraulic system or the optional 26-gallon per minute closed-center, load-sensing (CCLS) system. A power beyond option with flat face couplers is also available for implements with large hydraulic needs.


Vermeer VR1428 High-Capacity Wheel Rake

The Vermeer VR1428 High-Capacity Wheel Rake is capable of raking a width of 28-feet in one pass, yet is nimble enough to maneuver like rakes much smaller in size. It offers producers more capacity and the ability to handle more acres in less time, with fewer maintenance issues by combining rugged construction, smart, streamlined design and functionality with simple, tool-free adjustments. The VR1428 offers:

• A lift/suspension cylinder on each wheel and the nitrogen-charged accumulator making changing rake wheel settings and pressure easy.

• Heavy-duty construction throughout with a non-telescoping, non-bolted joint straight tongue, as well as bent tube frame and fold arms.

• Handling like many smaller capacity rakes because it’s closely positioned to the tractor when operating in the rake position.

• Optional center splitter attachment. Exclusive dual rake wheel combination gently lifts and turns the crop in the center of the swath.


The Case IH True Tandem 330 Turbo

The 330 Turbo takes out weeds, shallow compaction and soil crust while also leveling the soil. It levels soil in faster, shallower passes than other tillage operations and allows for faster tillage in the spring and captures higher yield potential. This improved vertical tillage system features exclusive, patented shallow-concavity turbo blade design to move soil and residue laterally, as well as up and down while breaking the crust and aerating the soil. This provides uniform seedbed depth and temperature, contributing to early, even plant emergence in the spring. It also allows for precise depth adjustment and greater control over soil residue cover at planting to fit a wide range of soil types, topographies and management objectives. It does not leave coulter slots that can dry out.

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