Educating the educators about ag careers

By Ty Higgins

The need for more food in the world in coming years will create the need for more jobs in agriculture. For this reason, Randy Minton, business director for Pioneer’s U.S. Northeast Business Unit, will be meeting with teachers and administrators next month at the Ohio Economic-Education Summit in Columbus.

The event is bringing nearly 600 teachers, school administrators, counselors, college faculty, business, and industry leaders and state agency staff together with hopes of improving Ohio’s future economy. Minton will be talking about how DuPont and Pioneer alone will be looking to add 4,000 ag-related positions in the next five years. Minton is looking forward to the chance to tell attendees about the many educational paths that students can take to become a part of agriculture. He hopes that many of the teachers and administrators in attendance will understand the need and opportunities in the industry for their current and future students.

“This past year we exceeded 7 billion people in the world,” said Randy Minton, business director for Pioneer’s U.S. Northeast Business Unit, who will be part of an Agrobioscience breakout session on March 7 at the Summit. “So the opportunity and the expectation of agriculture are going to continue to grow. Pioneer and DuPont clearly have this identified as one of our must do’s in our efforts around agriculture.”

These days a career in the field of agriculture may not have anything to do with being in the field at all.

“The opportunities in agriculture extend way beyond the field,” Minton said. “Agriculture involves everything from business to technology, computer sciences, finance, marketing and then all of the traditional fields like agronomy, production agriculture and animal sciences.”

When educating the educators, as Minton will do at the upcoming Summit, the way the message is conveyed will be a bit different.

“One of the main differences is really about creating an understanding and a vision for the opportunities that are in agriculture today, then also talking about the broad scope of career opportunities,” Minton said.

Minton believes that helping the educators understand their role in preparing students for ag-related careers is also important. Educators and school administrators interested in attending can visit the Summit’s webiste and register online.

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