Four people arrested in Mercer Co. hog thefts

It appears everyone is cashing in on higher hog prices, even thieves.

Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey said his office had received several reports in the last few weeks indicating the theft of hogs from a farm on the Ohio-Indiana state line near Fort Recovery.

An investigation determined that the two men were removing hogs from a farm in Mercer County and taking them to a site near Bryant, Indiana in Jay County. Two women were arrested at a nearby livestock company attempting to sell the stolen hogs.

The men took  more than two dozen, 130-pound animals from a barn after dark over the course of ten weeks. They apparently loaded them into the back of a Chevy S10 pickup truck equipped with a camper top and then drove them to Indiana.

On Wednesday, both Ricky Crouch and Chad Crouch were arraigned on charges of  breaking and entering and theft. Their bonds were set each at $50,000 in cash. They are back in the county jail.

Lisa Crouch and her daughter-in-law entered pleas of no contest to misdemeanor charges of receiving stolen property. Both were found guilty by Judge Scheer and ordered to undergo pre-sentence investigations. Sentencing will be March 8, 2012. The judge released both Lisa and Christina from jail on their own recognizance.

The hogs were owned by Cooper Farms.

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