Mild January not in top 10 warmest reports that, while January has been unusually mild across the Northeast and Midwest, this month will not go down in the record books as one of the top 10 warmest in major cities such as New York City, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.

A lack of long-duration cold was the theme for January.

“The jet stream was located far to the north for much of January, which allowed for some occurrences of snow and cold across the far northern tier, but the jet did not plunge very far to the south,” according to Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

However, two fairly strong shots of cold air across the Midwest and Northeast around the middle of January helped to keep monthly temperatures from approaching records. Despite mild weather for the last day of January, most of the Midwest will still end up cooler than the top 10 warmest Januaries on record.

Chicago, for example, had an average temperature of 29.5 degrees F, which is 5.8 degrees above normal. Currently, Chicago is placing as the 21st warmest January on record. Although January does not rank as one of the warmest on record, some cities and towns in the northern Plains and Midwest may still have one of the warmest winters on record.

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