New Holland ProRotor rotary hay rakes promote higher quality forage

New Holland’s new line of ProRotor™ rotary hay rakes help haymakers produce higher quality forage with minimal leaf loss. Flexible tines on each tine arm gently lift and carry the crop to the windrow.Three models are available to accommodate the needs of a range of haymakers.

“The gentle rotary raking action has a number of benefits for producers looking to make quality forage,” says Mike Cornman,  Dairy & Livestock Segment Marketing Manager. “The tines don’t make contact with the ground so contaminants aren’t swept into the windrow, and the rotary raking action produces light, fluffy windrows that continue to dry after the hay is raked. With these rakes, producers can rake earlier, when the crop is at a higher moisture content. The resulting improved leaf retention translates into higher quality feed.”

Sized for the traditional haymaker, the ProRotor 3114 rotary rake features a large, 10′ 11” diameter rotor perfectly suited to today’s most common mowers and mower-conditioners. The single-rotor design allows producers to rake individual windrows, or double them up in two passes. The ProRotor 3114 is drawbar trailed and has a low power requirement so they can be hooked up quickly and will work efficiently with tractors with as little as 20 PTO hp.

The dual-rotor design of the ProRotor 3223 doubles productivity compared to single-rotor models and provides the versatility to double up two swaths into one extra-large windrow or rake two individual windrows with every pass when equipped with the optional front swath board. The tandem rotor design saves time and fuel in the field and is suited to the most common mowers and mower-conditioners. It is drawbar trailed so it hooks up quickly and can be operated with smaller utility tractors. The rear rotor articulates in three dimensions, following contours independently. By hugging the ground, each rotor can rake more cleanly than similar rakes with fixed rotors.

The ProRotor 3226 center-delivery rotary rake features dual rotors and is ideally matched to today’s larger mower-conditioners and self-propelled windrower heads. It makes fast work of even large fields, raking two swaths with every pass into long, straight, easy-to-bale windrows. The central chassis with rear wheel steering provides up to an 85° turn angle so the rake follows the path of the tractor, forming long, straight, easy-to-bale windrows ideal for large square or round balers.

.About New Holland Agriculture
New Holland Agriculture is a division of CNH Global N.V. (NYSE:CNH), a majority-owned subsidiary of Fiat Industrial S.p.A. New Holland Agriculture sells and services an innovative line of agricultural equipment, including a full line of tractors, hay and forage equipment, harvesting, crop production and material handling equipment. Sales, parts and service are provided by more than 1,000 New Holland dealers throughout North America.

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