A salute to “black stretchy thingies”

I rarely remember that the pictured item is called a tie down so I usually just refer to it as "a black stretchy thingy."

About a year ago, my husband, Mark, started assembling a toolbox for me. The idea behind it was that I would have a few tools on hand in the barn at all times. It seemed like whenever he went to the barn with me something needed fixed and he never had a tool to work on the project. I also think that based on my history with tools he didn’t want me using any of his fancy tools anymore.

Mark stayed away from power tools but he assembled a hammer, some wrenches, a screwdriver with several different ends (that I by the way have no idea how to attach) and a bunch of other stuff. I really only know what about half of it is.

I thanked him for the toolbox and accessories, and it really is nice to have it in the barn, but I often wonder why he thinks I know how to use much more than the hammer. I suppose I should be flattered that he thinks I’m knowledgeable about about tools. I can pound T-posts and build fence, but most of the jobs I work on require few if any tools. He must not have noticed that.

As an after thought to his toolbox present, Mark bought me a bunch of tie downs or as I like to call them “black stretch thingies.” He thought they might come in handy. He bought a box of 20. I’m sure he thought I would never use them all.

Mark started me out by showing me that I could use them to keep a barn door from getting caught in the wind. He didn’t know it, but he had created a monster.

I use them to hold gates closed and to hold goat panels in place between kidding stalls.

This week, I used my remaining “black stretchy thingies” to put together a temporary stall for my doe and her kids. No screw or nail was necessary. I thought I was a genius; Mark will probably think I am a hillbilly.

I mentioned to Mark that I had almost completed the goat stall that I had originally requested for him to help build. He seemed surprised and impressed but I’m guessing his reaction might change when he sees my handiwork. I wonder if I can fix my horse stall from my first blog with tie downs, too?

Now I’m off to Harbor Freight to buy some more “black stretchy thingies.” I hope when I get there I can remember they are called heavy-duty tie downs so the staff can help me find them.

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