New Ohio Ag Net Soy Biodiesel Truck hits the road

By Matt Reese

After long weeks of waiting for the final details to be finished, Dale Minyo has finally hit the Ohio roadways with his newest Ohio soy biodiesel truck. The fourth Ohio Ag Net Biodiesel Truck is a 2012 Ram with the 6.7 Cummins engine that will be hard to miss on its routes to Ohio county fairs and ag-related events in coming years.

“Unlike my previous trucks, this one has an automatic transmission and I am getting used to the idea of not having a clutch,” Minyo said. “This truck is a three-quarter-ton crew cab with the 8-foot bed and cap which allows for more room for messaging displays on the exterior. The new truck is brighter and bolder than before and will be in service for around 250,000 miles, or about 6 years.”

The new truck has a 55-gallon additional fuel tank in the bed and will get running boards later this week. Dale generally gets his fuel at the Sunoco at I-71 and State Route 95 near his home in Morrow County where B20 is typically 4-cents per gallon higher than standard diesel. The gas station also offers B2 and B5 blends.

“From day one this truck has been powered by B20 — a 20% blend of soy biodiesel that reduces tail pipe emissions and helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” Minyo said. “I tell people I get it from the local farmers’ fields instead of where ever oil comes from.”

The tailgate of the truck is adorned with reflective white letters that send a bold message: “If you enjoyed a good meal, a breath of fresh air and clean water Thank A Farmer.”

Minyo is retiring his 2006 Dodge Ram Megacab, which is the third truck he has driven to promote soy biodiesel. In total, the three trucks have traveled more than 500,000 miles and been to more than 1,300 county fairs and countless field days, FFA banquets commodity meetings and farm visits through the years. Minyo averages 40,000 to 45,000 miles per year in the truck that had larger after market tires and a Cortex Superchip and averaged 19 to 20 miles per gallon.

Burning B20 offers 25% less tailpipe exhaust, a lower NOX rating and 17% more fuel efficiency. With 17% improved gas mileage on half a million miles, Dale has saved 4,359 gallons of fuel through his years of using B20.

The biodiesel partnership started in the late 1990s with the Ohio Soybean Council to help promote and educate about biodiesel use in Ohio. There has been no shortage of curiosity about the new truck design and Minyo is sure that it will not disappoint.


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