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Tadd Nicholson

By Matt Reese

The Ohio Corn & Wheat Growers Association (OCWGA) proudly announces that Tadd Nicholson will be serving as the new executive director. In his new role, he will also manage two of Ohio’s check-off programs, the Ohio Corn Marketing Program (OCMP) and the Ohio Small Grains Marketing Program (OSGMP).
Nicholson has 19 years of experience as part of the Ohio agriculture industry and has served

Tadd Nicholson, center, was named the executive director the Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association. Here he is pictured with Mark Schwiebert, Vice Chairman of Ohio Corn Marketing Program, as a part of the Buckeye delegation on a recent trade mission to Panama.

OCWGA for eight years, previously as its director of government and industry affairs and most recently as its interim executive director.

“I look forward to extending my role for OCWGA because I really believe in its purpose and mission,” Nicholson said. “We represent the best interests of Ohio’s grain farmers and I’m going to work to ensure that our organization’s legacy continues to be successful.”

Nicholson will jump right into his new duties by addressing a number of important issues for Ohio’s corn and wheat growers.

“There is a lot of speculation on how many acres of corn are going to go out there and we’re about to find out. It will be a big year for corn production in the U.S. and Ohio is no exception,” he said. “We’re  looking at how to deal with the water quality issues that all of Ohio agriculture is dealing with. We’re taking that very seriously and investing in the science of that to better prepare Ohio grain farmers for this. We’re also looking at how to build a more sustainable ethanol industry because it is such an important market for corn and all of agriculture as we move down the road.”

Looking ahead, profitable Ohio crop production will depend on a number of factors.

“The success is going to depend on all markets,” Nicholson said. “We need a successful ethanol market, we need successful exports around the world and a strong livestock industry. We need a balance with his and that is going to be part of the task ahead.”

Prior to joining OCWGA, Nicholson was the general sales manager of ABN Radio and TV/Ohio’s Country Journal and before that he worked for the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association/Ohio Beef Council.

“Tadd has the knowledge base required for this position and is already familiar with our members and industry,” said Mark Wachtman, OCWGA President . “Based on the impact that he has already made, I know that we’ll accomplish even more with his direction.”

Nicholson has traveled nationally and internationally on behalf of OCWGA, OCMP and OSGMP to engage in events and meetings as an advocate for agriculture promoting opportunities and the long-term sustainability of Ohio’s grain farmers and industry. He has been intimately involved with the development and promotion of the ethanol industry, worked to expand trade possibilities, strives to offset excessive regulations and continues to focus on helping to develop new markets for Ohio’s grain farmers.

Nicholson was raised on his family’s farm in Morrow County and now resides in Mt. Gilead on a small farm with wife Heather and children Emma, Claire and Caden.

Shortly after the announcement, Ohio Ag Net’s Dale Minyo visited with Nicholson about the challenges and opportunities ahead for his organization.

Tadd Nicholson New Executive Director

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