Bill Pontius- April 9th, 2012

“I planted 200 acres there last week. It went in beautifully. It has been better than everything we planted last year. I planted about 50 acres a day last week starting Wednesday and just did it here and there and got the bugs worked out on some of our smaller fields. We didn’t plant anything this weekend.

“We ‘ve been missing a lot of rains and it is getting pretty dry here. Soil temps are 52 in the morning to 58 late in the day. The corn is starting to sprout.  I didn’t have one wet spot in any of my fields and I just kept planting because it was dry. There is enough moisture underneath for it to germinate, though. If it was going to be wet, I wouldn’t have planted. It looks like a couple of cool days this week and then it is supposed to be in the 70s toward the weekend.

“As long as it is starting to germinate, the corn should be in good shape. The only concern now is frost, but we have had a frost on May 28 before and we aren’t waiting that long. I haven’t planted any black dirt because that is where it usually frosts first.

“We’ve done a lot of spraying. I wouldn’t care if it rained a little to get these chemicals down in the ground. We’re still planning on putting insecticide on all of our acres because of the mild winter. We got some burndown done last week and our cornfields are pretty clean.

“There were a few others that planted a little around here. Nobody is really hitting it hard. If it stays dry this week, and with the warm weather in the forecast, I think some guys are really going to get after it.”

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