Billy Pontius, Fairfield County, April 23

“It is a little colder than I want it, but I have had corn in colder situations and it was alright. The corn I planted on April 5 is up, which is probably 200 acres. This rain couldn’t have come any better because this corn couldn’t have come through the ground because it was so hard. We still are a little drier than I want, but the nice slow rains are much better than the two-inch rains in 10 minutes we got last spring. It is not washing anything out and there is no ponding water.

“We are done planting corn. It all went in beautifully. The ground temperature got up really warm and there was moisture there for the seed to germinate. The cold doesn’t bother me because it is not soaking wet.

“A few years ago we finished on April 22 which was the earliest we have ever planted all the corn and this year we finished on April 20. We planted around 120 acres of beans last Friday, just to make sure everything was going well. It is a little colder than what I want, but we’ll just have to see what happens. We’re going to sit for a while and wait for warmer weather.

“The moisture we got will help loosen up the soil a little bit. And, we needed this rain badly to get the chemicals down in the ground to control the weeds. We’ve only had an inch of rain in the last month or so. That will help the corn root down and, I am worried that if we get a dry summer, we’re going to need those roots down as deep as we can get them. It has been pretty nice planting compared to last year. I haven’t seen too many insect issues yet. Once the corn is up and going, it will outgrow those insects. As of now, we’re still in good shape.”

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