Corn is up in Ohio!

By Ty Higgins, Ohio Ag Net

As of this week, 2 percent of Ohio’s corn crop is in the ground.

Greg Bentley of Fayette County has a 100 acre field of corn that is up.

After planting his corn on March 21st and 22nd, Fayette County farmer Greg Bentley’s corn is up!

“I knew that the extended forecast was for above normal temperatures,” said Bentley. “I was just taking a chance and then they changed the forecast on me.”

That they did, as forecasters are now calling for cooler temperatures in April than what we had in March. Bentley knew planting so early was a gamble, but he still thinks it will pay off.

“I’m not sure if I have a perfect stand everywhere or not,” said Bentley. “I know corn can have a frost on it and as long as it doesn’t kill the growing points in the ground it should be okay.  I am not afraid of it being frosted a time or two.”

In order for Bentley to think about planting in mid-March, he also had to think about a “plan B”.

“If I have to replant, I have to replant,” said Bentley. “It was early enough to where if I do need to get back out there I’d have plenty of time.”

Bentley says guys at the coffee shop don’t give him too much of a ribbing for his itchy trigger finger every spring, but if things work out his way they may want to follow his lead in years to come. Time will tell.

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